How To Turn Birthdays into Restaurant Profits

Turn Birthdays into Restaurant Profits

By Peter | Birthday Marketing Info

Nov 26

How to turn Birthdays into Restaurant profits without any more effort on your part

As a restaurant owner or manager you already know that one of the most celebrated events in restaurants are birthdays.

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While there are no specific figures for Australia, estimates are that 50% of adults will eat out to celebrate their birthday. In the USA it is around 50% and UK has a similar percentage.

And these people do not celebrate alone. In fact, the National Restaurant Association studied this phenomenon and discovered that the average birthday celebration dinner has a party of 4 (3.6 People).

Are You Getting Your Fair Share of the Birthday Business?

What if I told you my specialized marketing platform has the ability to provide numerous birthday reservations to your restaurant, every month like clockwork, and that most of those people will be new customers.

At an average table size of 4 people, this can be a lot of new customers coming into your restaurant every month.

What do you believe is your average 4 covers birthday table billing in Australia? Would a range around $160 sound fair (probably too low right?) because for many Australian restaurants it could be up around the $550 range.

In fact according to the Dimmi Australian Dinning index 2014, the across the board average normal (not birthday) restaurant spend was $57 per person and the average premium restaurant spend was $97 per person. So a birthday spend averaging around $70 per person, or $210 for a three (3) cover paying birthday table, could be considered conservatively normal.

Based on just $210 revenue per table, that could be an extra $3,000 or even more revenue per month. In one year you could see $37,000 (or much more) added to your revenue line, just from birthday bookings and this probably increases further from future repeat business gained from the Birthday booking guests.

Plus, what about all the non-birthday customers bookings you may receive, willing to give you a try and generated from the 1,000’s of local people who saw your restaurant name and brand within the Facebook promotions we conducted on your behalf, promoting your birthday offers.

I am sure you can work out that at the higher $350 – $550 premium range spend per table, the increased monthly revenue would be a much higher multiple

Would your business benefit with an extra $37,000, or more, with no extra promo work on your behalf ?

It’s incredibly simple to obtain this extra revenue. All you have to do is accept the birthday break-fast, or lunch, or dinner reservations I send  you and treat them like birthday royalty while at your restaurant.

I’d like to start sending you birthday reservations like clockwork, every month, but I can only work with one or two restaurant types in any suburb or local area in order to maximise their results.

I urge you to evaluate what I am offering and you do not want to miss out on this business building opportunity by letting your competition claim your suburb from under you.

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Think you cannot afford this, then think again.

With only a low monthly fee (plus small set-up), I guarantee you it will be consistently be far more successful than any printed flyer or other advertising for the same price, plus it has a very high probability of being cash flow positive within the same 30 day period.

This is an extremely simple yet effective restaurant marketing strategy, that is inexpensive in both outlays and effort.

It can run continually month after month without losing its effectiveness and once tuned brings in new customers like clockwork.

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