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Restaurants That Make Money

By Peter | Birthday Marketing Info

Sep 26

As you can see I have attached a pile of cash to this post

Restaurant Promotions Revenue

Restaurant marketing means dependable revenue

While a bit over-the-top, I have done this because I have something important to tell you and I wanted to grab your attention to highlight that Restaurants That Make Money have a repeatable restaurant promotional strategy.

The Birthday Restaurant Promotion service helps restaurants obtain new customers from their local area. It can also be tuned to boost bookings during your restaurant’s slower periods.

By improving slow periods with new customers it increases both revenue and profitability, so I thought this ‘Eye-Catcher’ was especially appropriate because running a restaurant business means you need to continually be bringing in a ‘Pile-of-Cash’.

I have sent you a few emails explaining how I could send an extra $3,000 or more, in new revenue your way each month, in the form of birthday bookings, without any more promotional effort on your part.

We’re talking about a possible $37,000 (but could be much more) added to your revenue earnings and all you have to do is accept the birthday reservations I send you, plus win them over with your great food and service, so they come back as repeat customers.

Of course we could probably help you generate new revenues in excess of $37,000 per year, however if we are able prove ourselves with a lesser amount, then you should be more comfortable in learning about our other complementary restaurant marketing strategies, that help generate even more revenue from Restaurant Marketing and Promotions.

Your choice is simple. Either invite people to celebrate their birthdays in your restaurant, or have them go celebrate in someone else’s restaurant.

Every month, hundreds of locals are celebrating birthdays.

You have a choice to make. You can continue to ignore them and “hope” they come in and celebrate with you, because they WILL celebrate somewhere, or you can pro-actively invite them into your restaurant for their celebration.

Want more info: call 1300 626 612 or click the link: Get More Info

It makes unquestionable financial sense for you to invite them in.

Someone once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, therefore if over the next 6 months you want to be in a new, better place, then let us help implement this valuable marketing system for you.

This proven system has helped many USA restaurants easily drive new customers into their locations and that is why I have introduced this specialised Restaurant Marketing platform into Australia.

I have taken what works in the USA but refined it for Australian customers who are much more food aware and actual go to restaurants other than fast food outlets.

This is an extremely simple yet effective restaurant marketing strategy, that is inexpensive in both outlays and effort.

It can run continually month after month without losing its effectiveness and once tuned brings in new customers like clockwork.

Want more info call: 1300 626 612 or click this link: Get More Info

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