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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy incorporating Cookie Policy.

We may collect your personal and user information when users place an order, sign up for an account, or access certain areas of our website, or any advertising or promotions that we may conduct, or conducted on our behalf.

Our policy is to never sell or rent out your information to organisations that specifically trade in such information, where their sole purpose and intention is to on-sell such data to other organisations, so they may contact you

    Affiliate Links

Some of the links in this Website are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and request or purchase the item, we may receive an affiliate commission for acting as a sales agent. Furthermore the supplier of the product may be provided with any information you may enter to request or purchase the item, in order to supply to item to you.

What information we collect will be dependent upon how you are interacting with our business. For example if purchasing our goods and services (rather than affiliate products) then you may be required to provide sensitive information directly to us which may include your name, email address, phone number, home or business address, driver’s license details or other forms of verifying your identification, bank, credit card or transaction details.

If however (for example) you purchase a product via an affiliate link, then you will be taken to the suppliers website where the supplier may require you to enter sensitive information (for example credit card details) along with contact and shipment address details and capture your IP address and implant cookie information. The item supplier would NOT generally share your credit card details with us, where as we may be privy to your contact details as these would form part of our contact and transaction records with you, and we may use this information to continue to contact you for support and promotions.

We collect this information in order to make the user’s experience on site more enjoyable, as well as the ablility to provide users with information and supply their orders for goods and services.

Where you are eligible to create a user password account on our site, then you may have limited access to update, correct, or delete your information. If editing or deletion is not available to you, then you will need to request in writing the specific information you wish to have provided, updated or deleted. A blanket request of ‘I wish to have all my information deleted’ is not acceptable and does not specify in detail the exact items of information that you wish deleted, or updated, as it may not be possible to accommodate a blanket request due to technical, legal or commercial reasons, as we may legally be required to retain some of your information.

We may disclose your information to other persons or organisations where required by law, where they are a supplier to Us and require this data to fulfil your request for the products or Services, where their products and services form an integral part or are bundled with our products and services (for example, can include, but not limited to, third party software) and /or is required for user support, or the delivery of information, goods and services, to You.

    At all times we reserve the right to modify or change our Privacy Policy, at our discretion, and without the need to provide prior notification or gain consent from past and current website visitors and users.

Cookie Policy:.

This Cookie Policy sets forth our policy with respect to information, including personally identifiable information (“Personal Data”), that is collected from users of and/or visitors to the Services (including through those users’ and visitors’ agents) (“you” or “your”), through cookies, pixel tags, local shared objects, web storage and other similar technologies.


By using the Services, you are consenting to the use of the technologies described in this Cookie Policy to collect both Personal Data and non Personal Data and to the storage of information on your device or web browser as described herein.

What are cookies, pixel tags (GIFs or web beacons), local shared objects and web storage?

    Cookies: A cookie is a piece of information that is placed on your web browser when you access and/or use the Services that stores text and which can later be read back by the Services or third parties. They are used to recognise your browser.

    Pixel Tags: (aka Clear GIFs or Web Beacons). A pixel tag is a tiny invisible tag or graphic placed on certain parts of the Services, in emails or in certain other downloadable content, but not on your computer, mobile device or browser.

    Local Shared Objects: (aka Flash Cookies), A local shared object is similar to a cookie, except it is stored on your computer or mobile device, instead of your browser, and it can store more than just text. The methods for controlling local shared objects are different than the methods for controlling cookies (as discussed below).

    Web Storage: Web Storage or HTML5 Local Storage, is an industry-standard data storage technology that is implemented by browser manufacturers. Refer to your browser’s help contents for procedures on how to manage settings for Web Storage.

What do we use these technologies for?

Generally we use these technologies for one of the following reasons:

    Essential (strictly necessary): We use these technologies in a way that is essential for the operation of our Services or parts thereof.

    Performance/Analytics: We use these technologies to analyze how you use our Services and to monitor our Services. For example, we may place cookies that allow us (i) to measure the time of your requests to our servers and our responses, (ii) to A/B test new features, (iii) to record statistics about site usage, (iv) to track your activities on the Services, and (v) to track the places from which you come to the Services.

    Functionality: We use these technologies to allow us to provide certain functionality on the Services and to remember your preferences. For instance, examples can include preventing web application vulnerabilities, allowing for Facebook Connect and other third party integrations, and in connection with providing search results.

    Advertising & Promotion: We use these technologies to deliver advertisements to you both on and off line, about the the Services or products your on-line actions and behaviour has shown to be of interest to you. By using these technologies we hope to better tailor these advertisements to your interests. Sometimes this is called online behavioral or interest based advertising or retargeting. Some (but not all) of the third party services that we use in this context participate in industry bodies that allow you to opt out of such use. As of the date hereof, we use technologies from Facebook, Google, Bing/Yahoo, Mobile Wrecking Ball, WordPress, and many other providers for such purposes. You have the ability to manage your opt-outs for those third party service providers who participate in such opt-out frameworks.

Does anybody else use these technologies on your Services?

Most of the cookies and other technologies described above on our Services are set by us in connection with the Services and set by third party service providers at our direction (“Third Party Cookies”). We may use Third Party Cookies with respect to each of the uses set forth above. For example, we use technologies from Google Analytics to measure performance/analytics and technologies from Facebook to provide Facebook Connect functionality. Occasionally, other third party technology suppliers may use these technologies on their event pages for their own purposes.

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