Small Business can double web sales conversion rates

Web Sales Conversion Rates

Fast & Simple strategy to double new customer sales 

Generaly a 200%+ lift in Sales Conversion rates  

Up to 500% lift in Sales Profits   

Easily increase web sales by upto 200% or more, lift sales profits by up to 500%, by using our Websales Converter services to capture website and/or Facebook visitor details and re-market to them.

  • Extremely effective strategy for big and small local business to grow their business:
  • Use to dramaticaly improve promotions ROI  (Printed promotions, Facebook marketing, Google Adwords)
  • Caputure Website or Facebook visitors details for remarketing
  • Use to improve on-line sales or attract more customers into your store, showroom, treatment centre, salon, restaurant or services outlet.

Do you know than industry statistics claim that less than 4% of web visitors inquire or make a purchase. Therefore 96% of web visitors who showed some type of interest by visiting your website, simply leave and are unlikely to return.

New Customer 50% Discount Offer Package - 3 Months Lead Caputure & Remarketing Service -  $599 Inc GST *

* ​Limited Trial Offer. May be withdrawn at any time. See details for more info. 

* Normally a minimum monthly service price of $330 Inc GST per month

* Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer (for example 30 days of free service)

Increase web sales conversion rates performance through lead capture and promotion

Easily increase websales profits by up to 500% through a tried and proven strategy.

  • ​​3 months trial (from $7 per day). Incredible value.
    • Stop more of your website visitors from just leaving.
    • Start engaging potential customers via email or txt or Facebook (Facebook promo costs are extra and not included in price)
    • Set the seeds to dramatically improve your business.
    • Increase web sales through lead capture & promotion.
    • ​Proven strategy drives websales.
    • Expectations: 20% to 500% sales improvement with 200% lift being common for businesses that follow the complete program..

Web visitors who do not purchase right away and leave your website, do so for many reasons including: 

  • they are still in their research phase and need to srudy the market first.
  • they need to discuss it with their partner, freind, husband, mother, brother, sister, children, etc.
  • ​They do not have the money right now or it is not important enough right now
  • They are in some type of contract or a commitment must first end before thay can purchase.
  • ​They are not sure of the quality or service, or do not trust your site sufficently to purchase
  • A competitor is providing a better deal 
  • ​The website was too confusing, was not specific or too slow to navigate or too hard to get the info they needed.
  • ​It is just not right for then at this time, ​however it may be more appropriate nearer a birthday or specail event
  • ​and many, many, more reasons.​

By being able to stay in touch with these web visitors over many weeks, months or even  years, reminding them of the value your business provides, as well as building a relationship with them, means that as their conditions change and they become ready to purchase, there is a higher probability they will purchase from you, rather than your competition.

Web Sales Converter includes:

    • Web Visitor Pop-Up Capture box (script operating on your website) or Facebook audience capture & Re-targeting
    • Email, Facebook or SMS Re-Marketing platform setup (includes upto 200 email messages per month).
    • Setup & Manage Promotion (standard setup using your brand files, or we use generic images to create your brand)
    • 3 months trial (from $7 per day - incredible value)
    • You need to do very little to implement this as we do majority of the work for you.
    • Expectations: 20% to 500% sales profit lift with 200% sales improvement being common.
      • Buy with confidence: - Terms & Conditions apply however there are no long term commitments or hidden charges. - Full refunds available prior to code installation (allows time to gain a full understanding) - Generally takes approximately 5 working days for setup & code installation to complete. - Can be expanded at any time with more messages, marketing for additional products and customer nurturing techniques. After three months join our regular marketing services group.

Code: Small amount of code needs to be placed on your website by your web developer (or we can install for you on majority of HTML and WordPress sites. Extra $55 fee for code installation. Call us if you have questions).

Price includes

One-time capture 'message' change from agreed original (further changes $55 per change, plus code modification & re-installation charge. No code installation charge if your web developer installs code changes).

Price includes 1 x thank you plus 4 x contact re-targeting messages design and copy (1 page email). Extra messages, copy or design change or re-write at $55 per message/change.

Expect to see 20% to 500% sales profit improvement at the end of 3 months, however we cannot guarantee any results as too many variables exist between every business, including competitiveness of your products, services and offers.

Proven marketing strategy of converting more sales from website or in store visitors backed by case studies. This strategy works for most sales & services websites if visitor traffic to your website is maintained (for example Google Adwords traffic)

eMail or SMS messaging service provided for remarketing to your website visitors. You need to provide your brand files in correct format. If you have no branding then we will create generic images (extra charge for custom graphic designs).

Additional Message volume requirements (above the 200 included emails or SMS messages per month), billed separately as follows: up to 100 additional SMS/email messages per month package: $25 per month up to 300 additional SMS/email messages per month package: $65 per month up to 1000 additional SMS/email messages per month package:$170 per month

BYO messaging platform. If you wish to use your own messaging service (BYO) then you are responsible for set-up, campaign management and messaging costs. Contact us for a reduction in price for BYO messaging platform.

This 'trial offer' is only available to first 10 purchasers. We reserve the right to modify or withdraw this offer at anytime without prior notice and the right to choose the purchasers we wish to work with and refund purchasers not chosen.

Three (3) month trial period commences from first pop-up message activation on your website, however any delays by you to supply any specified requirements within 21 days of purchase, will result in the 3 month trial period commencing from the 21st day, post purchase (not applicable if alternative arrangements have been agreed with Lead Loyalty Marketing) 

Customisation requirements not covered by the standard set-up will incur additional minimum charges of $55 per hour and require your approval and payment prior to commencement. Terms & Conditions apply and can be viewed at this website within the "Terms of Use"

Terms & Conditions Summary

The following Specific Terms & Conditions specific to this program must be read in conjunction with the General Terms & Conditions , which together make up the Terms and Conditions that relate to the provision and supply of our goods and services.

1. No guarantees; We cannot and do not offer any guarantees as to the success of this program within your business, although we would be shocked if no benefit were obtained.

2. No liability; We accept no liabilty what so ever for the success or failure of your business. If your business is at deaths door then we are not your answer. This is not a magic fix my business pill, it is a marketing program based on proven sales improvement strategies.

3. Limited Liability; where laws do not allow for, or it is illegal to disclaim all liability, then our maximum liability is limited to the purchase price you paid for the goods and services.

4. Website Visitors: This program is geared towards converting more sales from existing website vistors and does not generate new website visitors, hence the need to maintain traffic marketing. If you have no website visitors then this program cannot provide you with a ROI.

5. You must start this program (have code installed on your website and commence within 21 days of purchase, otherwise you will no longer be eligble for the trial pricing, in which event you may choose a refund or pay the difference to purchase the standard package price, furthermore by defualt any trial period will then automticaly commecne from the 21st day of purchase.

6. By making payment not only do you agree to the terms and conditions stated on this website, you also agree to any transaction facilitator (for example Pay Pal) terms and conditions.

7a. Payments; All goods and services must be paid for in-advance via the payment methods stipulated (for example PayPal. Credit /debit card payments accepted by Pay Pal may still be made via Pay Pal without the need for a Payl Pal account.

7b. Where there is a service fee componant that can only be calculated in arears and not in advance (for example number of SMS or email mesages sent in a given period), then an invoice for that component will be provided and payment is to be made in accordance with the terms stated on the invoice. For clarity this can mean that the same product or service may have a both a pre-paid and post-paid component.

8. Non-Payment. If payment has not been received within the terms stipulated then we are under no obligation to commence or continue providing any prodcuts or services to you and have no obligation to transfer any information, results or data inherent, contained, obtained or attributed with the product or service, unless subect to any 'Dispute'.

9. Dispute; In the event of a dispute arising between the parties and notified in writing (email acceptible) relating to the payment and the provision of goods and service, then both parties will continue to act in good faith, make payments and supply the goods and services, however the customer may deduct from any amount due the disputed value, while the parties agree on a settment to the dispute.

10. Dispute Resolution; If within 15 days of a Dispute notification the parties have still failed to agreed a mutualy acceptable solution, both parties unconditionaly aggree to undertake this dispute resolution pocess within a further 15 days, where only the two principles may attend, without legal representation, along with an independant arbitrator, who will provide a binding decision, to which both parties will abide. An arbitrator may be accessed from any proffesional business association body and the arbitrator will determine the distribution of the costs of arbitration betweent the parties.

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