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Submit the survey to determine eligibility for 30 days of free service or 50% discount for 3 months.(survey form is at the bottom of the page.) 

You will automaticaly be taken to the product details page after submitting the survey form below. 

Standard monthly charge for the base service is $330, therefore you could obtain a saving of $330 or $495 depending on your circumstances.

Why should I take part in this ? It all sounds a bit vague and what determines eligibilty. I just want the 30 days of free services.

Why should you take part:

​1. Forget about the low price. Implementing this type of strategy has the potential to transform your business. Business investment or spending into marketing automation has increased by approximately 50% since 2010. 50% is a massive increase, because it has a proven ROI. There was not a 50% increase in Ad spend over that period. See infographic for more detail.

2. Even at the normal base rate of $330, this is an marketing bargain. It provides a high probability of success for an extremely low outlay. Many of you reading would have spent thousands over the years on marketing that produced dismal results, but more to the point, never had a chance of succeeding.

Here you have an opportunity to implement a proven strategy, with a proven ROI, where most of the work is done for you, AND costs less per month than having a double sided colour flyer professionally designed and printed. This is a 'No Brainer'.

Why not just give me the 30 Days Free ?

Normally we can prove our worth to a business within 30 days, which results in a higher probability of retaining them as a new monthly client. The owners get to see the real potential available to their business, regardless of the results produced during the free trial period. This is why we give away free services. 

However, not all business owners are made the same, or have similar beliefs, experiences or vision.

Broadly speaking there are two types of business owners (some interchange).

a. Owners that want control over their business and want to be able to attract and influence revenue flowing through their doors, and;

b. Owners who may be just as mentally alert and may even supply better products, but just do not believe that they can influence revenue flowing through their doors.

In some way this explains why some owners spend money on advertising and promotions while others virtually spend none. Businesses who continually promote have established a repeatable process that yields results. Do they always get it right - No. Do they have failures along the way - YES, but these failures are used to refine and adjust their processes, so that they can continue to influence positive revenue flowing through their doors.

The key point is they have implemented a repeatable process that works. Most did this through trial and error, some with assistance and others just got lucky, but were still smart enough to understand that the only way you can continualy get a posative marketing return, is to have repeatable processes and to continualy tune them so they keep working.

​Such owners do not to look at our trial offer as some type of magic pill and expect all this revenue in-flow to occur within just 30 days. They evaluate our strategies and work with us to see how THEY can LEVERAGE our skills, to perform 'the marketing processes, they know they need to perform, so that revenue keeps flowing through their doors'. 

Internally they are questioning “Can they do this better than I can? Once implemented will these strategies and processes keep attracting profitable revenue over many months or years?”

Obviously from the survey and contacting owners we try and determine who fits into group A or B, because experience has demonstrated that Group B owners, due to their beliefs, are not as willing to provide the same effort into making this work, therefore it reduces the outcome for both them and us.

Do we always get our selection right - No we do not, however we have a limited amount of resources and need to use them effectively. But that does not mean we have given up on the Group B owners, far from it. That is why we are offering a 50% discount which means that everybody can afford to evaluate and have the potential to transform their business.

Time to make a decision, If you want the opportunity to transform your business then complete the survey. You will be taken to the product details page once the survey has been submitted. Complete the survey now and start moving forward in 2015.  

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