Does Birthday Restaurant Marketing Work

Does Birthday Restaurant Marketing Work

By Peter | Birthday Marketing Info

Nov 27

Why Does Birthday Restaurant Marketing Work ?

Our Birthday Restaurant Marketing system provides two key marketing functions:

Restaurant Promotion Birthday Table

Restaurant Birthday Splurge

1. Exposure & Awareness


2.  Receive Bookings.

 Restaurant owners already understand the advantages of receiving Birthday Bookings, so let’s cover getting Exposure & Awareness.

We live in a world of constant promotional bombardment.

The expensive part of business promotion is achieving the promotional cut-through to be noticed and remembered above all the advertising noise.

This is why letter-box drops, newspaper and even web promotions fail for most restaurant owners, because they failed to capture their attention sufficiently to take action.

Yes they may have see the promotion. It may have even captured an interest for a fleeting moment, but it failed to register with them sufficiently to take action and was forgotten straight after they finished reading.

Unless you are prepared to spend thousands on attention getting graphics, copy-writing, along with a continual promotions strategy designed to penetrate our resistance to all the advertising noise, then your promotions are unlikely to achieve any real measure of success.

However, I guarantee your restaurant will consistently get more cut-through exposure, with more potential local customers noticing your restaurant brand, than any leaflet, newsprint or web promotion could achieve for the same outlay in effort, money and time.

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Showing people a birthday offer, and placing this directly in front of their nose during the lead up to their ACTUAL (real) birthday, gets a HIGH notice rate.

Even without the restaurant bookings we generate, running this type of cut-through promotion will achieve excellent awareness and ROI.

1,000’s of locals about to have a birthday will be seeing your birthday offer and restaurant name in their Facebook page

Being noticed improves memory recall so your restaurant now stands a better chance of being remembered the next time the ‘where shall be go’ question arises.

And we both know that if enough people notice and remember your restaurant name, then you get bookings.

Investment into Birthday Marketing delivers exceptional value by producing this type of ‘get noticed’ exposure.

The promotions produce a strong compelling curiosity to take a look. For example “here is your birthday present” is a pretty hard line to resist.

Curiosity coupled with an emotional event (birthdays are emotional) produces a high memory recall rate.

People who have seen these promotions or have been part of a birthday table, have asked restaurants in person and via Facebook, how they can get a Restaurant Birthday offer when it is time for their birthday.

Even if not intending to spend their birthday at your restaurant this time around, it still gets remembered and provides the catalyst to get non-birthday bookings in the future.

Birthday Restaurant Marketing will consistently outperform most ‘new customer’ Restaurant Promotions month after month and you need to get on-board.

This is an extremely simple yet effective restaurant promotion strategy, that is inexpensive in both outlays and effort.

It can run continually month after month without losing its effectiveness and once tuned brings in new customers like clockwork.

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