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Searching for effective yet cost efficient business marketing training whch includes tools for Lead Generation and Customer Loyalty Rewards programs,  then please click on the ULBOA link, and register to receive valuable  information. It is free to join.

The following training guides along with Facebook are considered the basic web marketing properties every business should have. Linked in is more appropriate for business to business marketing while facebook is more gearded towards business to consumer marketing. 

There are many other social media and content properties that can be used in promoting a busines, product or service with Twitter, Pintrest, & Amazon ​just a few of many.

A good rule of thumb is to start with one or two properties and make sure they are fully utalized and optimised. Use them in a way that they will drive business whether directly, or as is many times the case indirectly. Keep your personal social media pages and your business pages seperate. 

Furthermore constant posting of low quality material on you busines sites will only cause you harm. Quality content that is on-topic is the key to engaging people along with campaigns designed to engage, such as quizes, competitons, surveys, etc. You need to come up with a strategy that nurtures your social media participants. If you just treat social media as a static bill board for your products, then people will leave because that is just plain boring. You need to find a balance between educating, training, entertaining and promotion. 

Business Marketing Training Guides

You Tube 

You Tube marketing made easy with You Tube business training guide

Quick start You Tube guide to set up your business marketing properties using You Tube,


Linked in business marketing training guide

Marketing made easy wth Linked In business training guide.

Google Plus

google plus for business, marketing training guide

Marketing made easy with google plus business training guide

As a starting point my personaly belief is that a business needs to start with Google Plus and then choose either Face book if you run a Busness to Consumer model, or Linked in if you sell to other businesses. That however does not means that Facebook would not also be an appropriate channel to derive business leads and customers, as many business owners and managers also have Facebook accounts.

Furthernore the business targeting that Facebook has recently made possible is awesome and that is why Facebook has a page dedicated t itself.

Lead Loyalty Marketing is an accredited ULBOA associate. ULBOA is a world wide organisation that can help assist with the implementation of small &  business and franchise marketing solutions. So whether you are from Australia, Canada, NZ, UK, or USA, ULBOA has business solutions that can provide assistance with a vast array of business marketing requirements.

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