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Nov 27

Does Birthday Restaurant Marketing Work

By Peter | Birthday Marketing Info , Restaurant Marketing

Why Does Birthday Restaurant Marketing Work ?

Our Birthday Restaurant Marketing system provides two key marketing functions:

Restaurant Promotion Birthday Table

Restaurant Birthday Splurge

1. Exposure & Awareness


2.  Receive Bookings.

 Restaurant owners already understand the advantages of receiving Birthday Bookings, so let’s cover getting Exposure & Awareness.

We live in a world of constant promotional bombardment.

The expensive part of business promotion is achieving the promotional cut-through to be noticed and remembered above all the advertising noise.

This is why letter-box drops, newspaper and even web promotions fail for most restaurant owners, because they failed to capture their attention sufficiently to take action.

Yes they may have see the promotion. It may have even captured an interest for a fleeting moment, but it failed to register with them sufficiently to take action and was forgotten straight after they finished reading.

Unless you are prepared to spend thousands on attention getting graphics, copy-writing, along with a continual promotions strategy designed to penetrate our resistance to all the advertising noise, then your promotions are unlikely to achieve any real measure of success.

However, I guarantee your restaurant will consistently get more cut-through exposure, with more potential local customers noticing your restaurant brand, than any leaflet, newsprint or web promotion could achieve for the same outlay in effort, money and time.

Want more info ? : Get More Info

Showing people a birthday offer, and placing this directly in front of their nose during the lead up to their ACTUAL (real) birthday, gets a HIGH notice rate.

Even without the restaurant bookings we generate, running this type of cut-through promotion will achieve excellent awareness and ROI.

1,000’s of locals about to have a birthday will be seeing your birthday offer and restaurant name in their Facebook page

Being noticed improves memory recall so your restaurant now stands a better chance of being remembered the next time the ‘where shall be go’ question arises.

And we both know that if enough people notice and remember your restaurant name, then you get bookings.

Investment into Birthday Marketing delivers exceptional value by producing this type of ‘get noticed’ exposure.

The promotions produce a strong compelling curiosity to take a look. For example “here is your birthday present” is a pretty hard line to resist.

Curiosity coupled with an emotional event (birthdays are emotional) produces a high memory recall rate.

People who have seen these promotions or have been part of a birthday table, have asked restaurants in person and via Facebook, how they can get a Restaurant Birthday offer when it is time for their birthday.

Even if not intending to spend their birthday at your restaurant this time around, it still gets remembered and provides the catalyst to get non-birthday bookings in the future.

Birthday Restaurant Marketing will consistently outperform most ‘new customer’ Restaurant Promotions month after month and you need to get on-board.

This is an extremely simple yet effective restaurant promotion strategy, that is inexpensive in both outlays and effort.

It can run continually month after month without losing its effectiveness and once tuned brings in new customers like clockwork.

Want more info then call: 1300 626 612 or click: Get More Info

If you have any questions then please email them to me at:


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Peter Wiedemann
Principle Marketer & Proprietor

Nov 26

Turn Birthdays into Restaurant Profits

By Peter | Birthday Marketing Info , Restaurant Marketing

How to turn Birthdays into Restaurant profits without any more effort on your part

As a restaurant owner or manager you already know that one of the most celebrated events in restaurants are birthdays.

Birthday family group restaurant celebration

Extended Family Booking

While there are no specific figures for Australia, estimates are that 50% of adults will eat out to celebrate their birthday. In the USA it is around 50% and UK has a similar percentage.

And these people do not celebrate alone. In fact, the National Restaurant Association studied this phenomenon and discovered that the average birthday celebration dinner has a party of 4 (3.6 People).

Are You Getting Your Fair Share of the Birthday Business?

What if I told you my specialized marketing platform has the ability to provide numerous birthday reservations to your restaurant, every month like clockwork, and that most of those people will be new customers.

At an average table size of 4 people, this can be a lot of new customers coming into your restaurant every month.

What do you believe is your average 4 covers birthday table billing in Australia? Would a range around $160 sound fair (probably too low right?) because for many Australian restaurants it could be up around the $550 range.

In fact according to the Dimmi Australian Dinning index 2014, the across the board average normal (not birthday) restaurant spend was $57 per person and the average premium restaurant spend was $97 per person. So a birthday spend averaging around $70 per person, or $210 for a three (3) cover paying birthday table, could be considered conservatively normal.

Based on just $210 revenue per table, that could be an extra $3,000 or even more revenue per month. In one year you could see $37,000 (or much more) added to your revenue line, just from birthday bookings and this probably increases further from future repeat business gained from the Birthday booking guests.

Plus, what about all the non-birthday customers bookings you may receive, willing to give you a try and generated from the 1,000’s of local people who saw your restaurant name and brand within the Facebook promotions we conducted on your behalf, promoting your birthday offers.

I am sure you can work out that at the higher $350 – $550 premium range spend per table, the increased monthly revenue would be a much higher multiple

Would your business benefit with an extra $37,000, or more, with no extra promo work on your behalf ?

It’s incredibly simple to obtain this extra revenue. All you have to do is accept the birthday break-fast, or lunch, or dinner reservations I send  you and treat them like birthday royalty while at your restaurant.

I’d like to start sending you birthday reservations like clockwork, every month, but I can only work with one or two restaurant types in any suburb or local area in order to maximise their results.

I urge you to evaluate what I am offering and you do not want to miss out on this business building opportunity by letting your competition claim your suburb from under you.

Want to know more then call: 1300 626 612 or click this link: Get More Info

Think you cannot afford this, then think again.

With only a low monthly fee (plus small set-up), I guarantee you it will be consistently be far more successful than any printed flyer or other advertising for the same price, plus it has a very high probability of being cash flow positive within the same 30 day period.

This is an extremely simple yet effective restaurant marketing strategy, that is inexpensive in both outlays and effort.

It can run continually month after month without losing its effectiveness and once tuned brings in new customers like clockwork.

Want more info call: 1300 626 612 or click this link: Get More Info

If you have any questions then please email them to me:


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Peter Wiedemann

Principle Marketer & Proprietor

Oct 02

Birthday Restaurant Marketing System

By Peter | Birthday Marketing Info , Restaurant Marketing

Want a Fool-Proof, Done-For-You customer marketing system running in your restaurant ?

You have received emails from me regarding how I can help you turn local people celebrating their birthdays into restaurant profits.

Outdoor Restaurant Table Group BookingLike most restaurant owners you probably don’t have time to review and study new ways to increase foot traffic and sales for your restaurant.

You are probably too busy putting out fires and earning a living to research how your promotions will ‘cut-through’ all the advertising noise, to get noticed, and provide marketing R.O.I. on your spend.

That’s why I have introduced this tried and proven Birthday Restaurant Marketing System into Australia, that sends break-fast, lunch or dinner reservations every month, without you lifting a promotional finger as we do all the work.

You can turn this birthday system into a nice little business builder, with an extra $1000, $3,000 or even more, revenue per month plus any repeat business gained during the year from these customers.

According to the National Restaurant Association, the average birthday dinner party consists of 3.8 guests. That means receiving a lot of 4 cover bookings through your door. This is GOOD right ?

It works with a younger and older crowd. Best of all, they’re out to celebrate and have a good time. Pinching pennies is not their top priority! After all a birthday only happens once a year so they should splurge a little, right !

Your restaurant getting birthday tables with that “splurge” mentality month after month makes this Restaurant Promotions program a No brainer !

I’d like to help you achieve the goals you have for your restaurant, for yourself, and for your family.

This is an extremely simple yet effective restaurant marketing strategy, that is inexpensive in both outlays and effort.

It can run continually month after month without losing its effectiveness and once tuned brings in new customers like clockwork.

Want more info: call 1300 626 612 or click the link: Get More Info

If you have any questions then please email them to me –


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Peter Wiedemann
Principle Marketer & Proprietor

Sep 26

Restaurants That Make Money

By Peter | Birthday Marketing Info , Restaurant Marketing

As you can see I have attached a pile of cash to this post

Restaurant Promotions Revenue

Restaurant marketing means dependable revenue

While a bit over-the-top, I have done this because I have something important to tell you and I wanted to grab your attention to highlight that Restaurants That Make Money have a repeatable restaurant promotional strategy.

The Birthday Restaurant Promotion service helps restaurants obtain new customers from their local area. It can also be tuned to boost bookings during your restaurant’s slower periods.

By improving slow periods with new customers it increases both revenue and profitability, so I thought this ‘Eye-Catcher’ was especially appropriate because running a restaurant business means you need to continually be bringing in a ‘Pile-of-Cash’.

I have sent you a few emails explaining how I could send an extra $3,000 or more, in new revenue your way each month, in the form of birthday bookings, without any more promotional effort on your part.

We’re talking about a possible $37,000 (but could be much more) added to your revenue earnings and all you have to do is accept the birthday reservations I send you, plus win them over with your great food and service, so they come back as repeat customers.

Of course we could probably help you generate new revenues in excess of $37,000 per year, however if we are able prove ourselves with a lesser amount, then you should be more comfortable in learning about our other complementary restaurant marketing strategies, that help generate even more revenue from Restaurant Marketing and Promotions.

Your choice is simple. Either invite people to celebrate their birthdays in your restaurant, or have them go celebrate in someone else’s restaurant.

Every month, hundreds of locals are celebrating birthdays.

You have a choice to make. You can continue to ignore them and “hope” they come in and celebrate with you, because they WILL celebrate somewhere, or you can pro-actively invite them into your restaurant for their celebration.

Want more info: call 1300 626 612 or click the link: Get More Info

It makes unquestionable financial sense for you to invite them in.

Someone once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, therefore if over the next 6 months you want to be in a new, better place, then let us help implement this valuable marketing system for you.

This proven system has helped many USA restaurants easily drive new customers into their locations and that is why I have introduced this specialised Restaurant Marketing platform into Australia.

I have taken what works in the USA but refined it for Australian customers who are much more food aware and actual go to restaurants other than fast food outlets.

This is an extremely simple yet effective restaurant marketing strategy, that is inexpensive in both outlays and effort.

It can run continually month after month without losing its effectiveness and once tuned brings in new customers like clockwork.

Want more info call: 1300 626 612 or click this link: Get More Info

If you have any questions then please email them to me –


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Peter Wiedemann
Principle Marketer & Proprietor

Feb 28

When to use SMS for Restaurant profitability

By Peter | Restaurant Marketing

Using eMail & SMS for Restaurant profitability

SMS offer sent for restaurant profitability

Woman receiving a Restaurant SMS offer

Most restaurateurs are familiar with using email to contact customers but may not be as clear about when to use SMS for restaurant profitability.

Both SMS (text) and email communications to customers are key tools for driving Restaurants profits.

Both SMS and email can be employed for customer enticement, win back, customer nurturing and retention promotions, reminder and booking confirmations, however they bring different strengths towards these types of tasks, therefore one may be a better choice based on the job at hand.

Both have a cost associated with using them and require paying for a service, however forget about the fact that it costs more to Text (SMS) than to email. These cost differences are tiny in relation to the total time, effort and money (not a lot though), in setting up, continual management and update of your customer communications.

Besides who cares about the costs if you are achieving an R.O.I. greater that your investment, Right !!!

Now of course I am assuming that your restaurant already maintains a customer list, therefore collects email and mobile contact details, because you have already been told to do this for a few years now.

Restaurant survival processes become more critical in 2016 and beyond. Not only is competition more fierce through the use of promotional technology, we are also entering a period of prolonged and uncertain economic conditions, where every businesses will be competing for less customer dollars, as the downturn starts to bite.

Being able to market to existing customers with loyalty promotions to aid customer retention, win-back campaigns to revive old customers plus entice customers in more often, are critical elements in the survival game. (Do not have a customer list or no regular external communications with customers? If you need assistance then: Contact Me.

In Jan 2016, BurstSMS provided access their 2015 STATE OF SMS report. This article contains a free report download link to their report so just keep reading and you will come across it. While looking through this report I saw a simple table that simply explains the differences in how customers interact with SMS and eMail.

Stats highlighting when to use SMSfor profitability.

CTR = Click through rate. CPS = Cost per send. Ref: Burst SMS 2015 State of SMS report


Points to note are Open Rates & Time to Reach Consumers.

Communications to improve Restaurant profits.

The reason you communicate with customers is to bring in revenue and improve profits. Staying fully booked is a big factor in profitability.

For peek periods you confirm bookings with patrons in advance, in case they have changed plans so that you can cover their booking with another party. During slow periods you are looking to entice patrons into the restaurant to lift capacity and improve profits.

So regardless if confirming bookings or trying to entice people in, it means you need to communicate with customers in one of four ways.

1. Telephone to speak to them or leave a message. Probably least efficient in time and message response, plus limiting because only applicable to confirming bookings. Calling people on the off-chance they may want dine is far too intrusive and likely to be detrimental. It is excellent (and really the only way) for pacifying disgruntled customers after they have left, however a very inefficient way to gain customer feed back surveys as too many customers will not tell you exactly how they feel directly to your face, or on the phone.

2. eMail works well for promotional campaigns and reminder messages when used a few days to weeks prior to an event. As open rates are lower and slower, you should expect to send more than one email to get a response. So not that effective for quick confirmations or a last minute hunt for a new patron to fill a cancelled booking.

The advantage of email is that you can create beautiful enticements with fancy fonts, images, colour, with multiple with links to other pages, videos, menus, etc. Plus you can use email auto-responder services to automatically sends out pre-written customer communications on a regular basis (ie once per week or monthly) and provides pre-written email responses when triggered by a customers actions.

This style of promoting is still considered one of the best ways of nurturing new customers to try your restaurant and can be very effective when used in conjunction with Facebook marketing within your local area.

Email is an excellent medium for customer surveys because you can sell the sizzle and provide enticements to complete the survey, as well as to come back into your restaurant. Email is also a great medium for customer loyalty and retention communications, win back or old customer revival campaigns and requests to provide on-line reputation ratings and recommendations, because you have room to ‘sell’ the action and can make it look attractive.

3. SMS (text) is hands down winner in both speed and open rates when needing to get a message out fast, as well as getting a response. There is also the added advantage that a large portion of the public would rather communicate with a business via SMS for bookings and confirmations than call and have to speak to somebody.

Clearly SMS should be the choice for bookings or a quick SMS blast to the customer list to fill a table due to a cancellation.

SMS limitations revolve around needing to use less than 176 characters spaces (includes opt-out link) of just plain text, in a single message, so there is not a lot of marketing sizzle or enticement that can be written into that small space. Consumers hate receiving truncated messages broken over 2 or more texts, plus MMS (mobile multi-media) has not yet been established well enough and many consumers are limited in being able to use MMS.

Start putting website links into an SMS to take customers to a webpage, then unless the message is simple and intuitive and requires no explanation or sales sizzle, then SMS may not be your best choice to do this. Simple messages examples could be: “click link or reply yes to confirm booking”  “click for menu” or “Free table tomorrow night. Receive 15 % off if you book right now”,

SMS is not as suited to new customer getting and nurturing campaigns, where lots of images or video is desired to sell the person on trying, or coming back to your restaurant.

4. Last alternative is to outsource the on-going promotional process to find new customers or entice existing patrons, with bookings and reminders on your behalf,  such as in the ‘Birthday Restaurant Marketing‘ service.

 Mobile Friendly is a must have

With mobile penetration better than 50%, every business needs to makes sure their customer communications and promotions are mobile friendly. This means that images and text looks good and is readable on smaller mobiles screen that are begin bounced around a little. They need easy to click phone numbers and call to action buttons and the pages need to load fast.

Email may have stayed at the forefront of online marketing primarily because connecting to WiFi has fixed the large emails on a mobile device problems, along with better 3G and even better 4G mobile broadband radio waves.

However page load speeds on mobile devices are a major factor as to whether an email or webpage is viewed. If it is too slow to load then more people will give-up and move on.

Report Link

As promised here is the Burst SMS 2015 State Of SMS free report link. 

For clarity I receive no remuneration from Burst SMS and they do not endorse me. Furthermore as always you will need to make up your own mind as to whether it is a suitable service to use. I do have an account with BurstSMS because I believe they have a good platform and it is always good to support an Australian owned and operated SMS service provider.

If you like some assistance with your restaurant customer communications then click here – Contact Me

If you want to checkout our new Restaurant Birthday Marketing service where we find people who are about to have a birthday in you local area and entice them to book their birthday celebration at your restaurant, then click on the link – ‘Birthday Restaurant Marketing


Jun 16

Average email campaign stats by industry

By Peter | Marketing Automation

What a fantastic resource MailChimp® provides on their website.

eMail Marketing Strategies

What's more being a June 2015 update it is hot off the presses.

A table of email marketing benchmarks that provides the average email campaign stats by industry.​

Even if you do not have an exact match for your industry type, you can still obtain an estimation of what to expect.

Being an average it takes into account businesses big and small, as well as good, average and not so well run email campaign statistics, obtained from businesses using the MailChimp® email platform.

If you want more info as to the make-up of the data then visit the MailChimp® webpage link just above the table below. They also have tips on improving your stats so it is well worth a visit.

And should you need assistance with developing a customer getting email strategy, automating your sales lead generation or managing an on-going email campaign, then give us a call, or click on the button below.

MailChimp® Email Bench Mark Table June 2015

Industry Open Click Soft Bounce Hard Bounce Abuse Unsub
Agriculture and Food Services 25.77% 3.49% 0.68% 0.51% 0.03% 0.28%
Architecture and Construction 25.19% 3.16% 1.66% 1.18% 0.04% 0.37%
Arts and Artists 27.93% 2.99% 0.78% 0.56% 0.03% 0.27%
Beauty and Personal Care 19.50% 2.27% 0.52% 0.50% 0.05% 0.33%
Business and Finance 21.59% 2.93% 0.81% 0.65% 0.03% 0.24%
Computers and Electronics 21.68% 2.62% 1.13% 0.79% 0.03% 0.30%
Construction 22.28% 2.09% 1.73% 1.34% 0.06% 0.44%
Consulting 19.95% 2.58% 1.06% 0.80% 0.03% 0.29%
Creative Services/Agency 23.26% 3.01% 1.22% 0.95% 0.04% 0.36%
Daily Deals/E-Coupons 13.89% 1.96% 0.14% 0.09% 0.01% 0.09%
eCommerce 16.89% 2.62% 0.43% 0.27% 0.03% 0.21%
Education and Training 22.70% 3.01% 0.64% 0.55% 0.03% 0.20%
Entertainment and Events 21.53% 2.45% 0.58% 0.47% 0.03% 0.27%
Gambling 17.66% 2.70% 0.50% 0.57% 0.04% 0.17%
Games 22.14% 3.54% 0.56% 0.60% 0.04% 0.23%
Government 26.88% 3.71% 0.59% 0.48% 0.02% 0.13%
Health and Fitness 23.36% 3.11% 0.53% 0.52% 0.04% 0.37%
Hobbies 29.42% 5.66% 0.39% 0.31% 0.03% 0.23%
Home and Garden 25.77% 4.17% 0.73% 0.51% 0.05% 0.38%
Insurance 19.82% 2.16% 0.77% 0.81% 0.04% 0.22%
Legal 22.50% 3.04% 0.80% 0.66% 0.03% 0.21%
Manufacturing 23.41% 2.67% 1.61% 1.09% 0.04% 0.37%
Marketing and Advertising 18.58% 2.19% 0.88% 0.70% 0.03% 0.28%
Media and Publishing 22.76% 4.75% 0.34% 0.22% 0.01% 0.12%
Medical, Dental, and Healthcare 23.08% 2.73% 0.83% 0.83% 0.05% 0.29%
Mobile 22.09% 2.70% 0.80% 0.74% 0.04% 0.40%
Music and Musicians 22.99% 2.89% 0.70% 0.52% 0.04% 0.30%
Non-Profit 25.66% 2.98% 0.56% 0.47% 0.03% 0.19%
Other 23.39% 3.11% 0.90% 0.69% 0.04% 0.28%
Pharmaceuticals 19.29% 2.71% 0.77% 0.68% 0.03% 0.21%
Photo and Video 27.06% 4.24% 0.81% 0.68% 0.04% 0.39%
Politics 22.83% 2.28% 0.51% 0.48% 0.04% 0.22%
Professional Services 21.25% 2.75% 1.04% 0.81% 0.03% 0.31%
Public Relations 20.52% 1.86% 0.90% 0.69% 0.02% 0.24%
Real Estate 22.08% 2.22% 0.78% 0.65% 0.05% 0.33%
Recruitment and Staffing 20.88% 2.53% 0.68% 0.69% 0.04% 0.32%
Religion 26.59% 3.28% 0.22% 0.20% 0.02% 0.12%
Restaurant 23.95% 1.58% 0.36% 0.30% 0.03% 0.30%
Restaurant and Venue 22.71% 1.47% 0.67% 0.57% 0.04% 0.39%
Retail 22.13% 2.85% 0.45% 0.37% 0.03% 0.28%
Social Networks and Online Communities 22.24% 3.75% 0.43% 0.36% 0.03% 0.23%
Software and Web App 22.47% 2.69% 1.12% 0.89% 0.03% 0.39%
Sports 26.15% 3.60% 0.59% 0.51% 0.03% 0.27%
Telecommunications 20.54% 2.27% 1.20% 0.96% 0.03% 0.26%
Travel and Transportation 20.66% 2.46% 0.76% 0.53% 0.03% 0.24%
Vitamin Supplements 17.12% 2.11% 0.40% 0.33% 0.05% 0.25%
Apr 11

Google Mobile Friendly Update

By Peter | Small Business Promotion

How the Google Mobile Friendly Update on 21 April 15 affects your business

Google Mobile Friendly Update on 21 April 15

A couple of conversations this week demonstrated a lot of confusion about the pending Google update, so I thought I would post this to provide a better understanding of the possible effects.

​On the 21 April 15, Google is rolling out a change to it’s search algorithm that will focus on whether your website is mobile friendly (responsive) or not.

If your website it does not pass the Google mobile friendly test, then Google will penalise your website in natural search rankings. There may also be some AdWords (Google advertising) impact as your Google quality score will no doubt receive a new rating and be affected.

First the disclaimer: I am providing my interpretation of possible effects based upon Google’s announcement. Only Google will be able to state with clarity what impacts will actually result. I have provided the announcement link below so that you can form your own opinion.

So my website does NOT pass Google’s mobile friendly test, then what?

1. Your website will continue to function
2. If your Website has a mobile redirect link to a separate mobile URL (for example: m.url or these will continue to provide your visitors with a better mobile experience.
3. If you are running Google AdWords advertising then this will continue to function however probably not as efficiently or effectively (cost more to get the same results), but longer term this will be a big issue for you.

So what then is the problem?

It all revolves around what Google displays when somebody does a search.

For example if Google takes it to the extreme, then if you own the only bakery in a place called Bake-town, and people were doing a Google search for bakeries in Bake-town, then Google will not display this business and probably display the details of a competing bakery from the next town that has a mobile friendly website.

So if your website contributes to your sales to new customers, then this will cause you a problem. (Note: if your website is not contributing to your sales you have a bigger problem anyway and you need to contact me)

The next important point is that it does not matter what your best friend, web developer or I have to say. Your site must pass the Google mobile test, because there are many mobile experience factors that can still fail you, even if you have a mobile responsive website, such as the display text may be too small.

What do I need to do?

1. Check your website with Google to see if it passes or not. It is simple to do, the link is below

If it does not pass then you do need to address this issue because longer term this will hurt your business.

More than 50% of all buyer research and search by consumers is now conducted on a mobile device (smartphones), therefore without a mobile friendly site, then everyday less new customers will be coming into your business as a result of your website.

If the Google fail issue is as simple as the text is too small, then this can probably be rectified on your current website. However, if your current website is not mobile responsive then chances are it is more cost effective to get a new website frame work (content will probably be OK), because it is old and probably needs a re-vamp anyway.

Redirects to a mobile URL is also not a solution because the Googlebot will crawl the main website and still fail it because it cannot take into account the mobile redirection.

The positive point for businesses with a compliant mobile friendly website is you will outrank (do better and get more business) in Google search that your competitors who have not addressed this problem.

Hopefully this provides some insight into the pending change and how it affects you.

If you have any queries or need help with this issue then contact me



Lead Loyalty Marketing

PS.- Word of Warning - Do not go and choose a new URL (domain name) for a new mobile friendly website without first consulting somebody who can advise you. Implementing a new domain name (URL) will lose whatever current rankings you had worked long and hard to obtain. For many this may not be an issue, but for some businesses this could be a huge setback.

Google Announcement Link:


WordPress Help