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About Us

About Us

Small business owners and business managers seeking to implement easy, yet effective sales marketing processes, have come to the right place.

Whether seeking a new marketing direction, or obtaining a better marketing ROI, our aim is to provide transparent measurable results, making it easy for you to determine the value we bring to the table.

Our marketing services are geared towards improving your revenue and profitability using strategies to obtain new customers, increase spend frequency of existing customers, or maximise results on any marketing outlays.

Services are tailored to suite your budget and we encourage you to start small and test the waters. When results begin to flow, incrementally build on successes until a regular predictable stream of revenue is being produced.

Expertise & Capabilities

Lead Loyalty Marketing provides digital marketing, social media and web based services including in-store/showroom or event kiosks, to attract customer interaction and run customer retention and customer loyalty programs. Our systems use SMS/txt, email & video as communications mediums to support lead generation, list management, social media and reputation marketing activities. We can also provide direct response telephone and email tracking to support any printed, radio, event or sales channel advertising you may have in place.

We can work in-conjunction with your in-house or external website developer in building or managing your website and social media pages, or we can provide options towards supplying such requirements. There are also many years of experience in managing telephone canvassing campaigns.

Marketing Automation

Business marketing is transforming at an astonishing rate. What worked yesterday is no longer producing adequate results today. Furthermore we are at the start of a new era in marketing automation.

Marketing automation is about implementing processes that captures potential customer’s details and then continues to nurture these targeted respondents through automated and systematic communication, over a period of time.

The on-going communications to this pool of targeted customer of the values your business provides, makes it easy for customers to purchase from you when they are ready to do so. Effectively generating your future sales revenue through customer list marketing and dramatically improving ROI on any marketing spend.

Implementing such automation is inexpensive and over a time this strategy could transform your business from a day to day struggle, to confidently knowing from where next year’s sales revenue will be generated.

Getting Started

Contact me now to gain an understanding of what a small local business could achieve with only marginal marketing investments.


Peter Wiedemann

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